In Response to Emily Oster of the Atlantic

I know the internet has exploded with responses to Emily Oster’s article “Let’s declare a Pandemic Amnesty”. Dr.John Campbell posted the first commentary I saw on his youtube channel. I wanted to link to it below, but I can’t find it on his channel anymore. In fact this Goat Rodeo is mainly links to commentary that I believe needs to be heard. I don’t agree with every word, but the reminders of the atrocities are important. So many people have picked her nonsense apart so well, I don’t feel obligated to do the deconstructing all over again. I’m sure I will have some thoughts needing expression in my own words too , but let’s start with some videos and articles by others:

If you have so much as sampled the above links you will get where I am coming from. Terrible things were said and done to people who were trying to bring a voice of reason to the Covid mismanagement. As I mentioned in the previous Goat Rodeo Dr’s Jay Battacharia of Stanford, Martin Kulldorff of Harvard and Sunetra Gupta of Oxford were attacked and called Fringe epidemiologists in an effort to discredit the different plan they laid out in the Great Barrington Declaration. This was a roadmap for a different, and far more intelligent pathway to rein in the galloping advance of Covid-19. They were joined in signing the declaration by over a thousand other highly credentialed doctors and scientists. But Their reputations were deliberately trashed by Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci. There is no excuse for what was done. The damage done to America and the world. The pain and suffering. The anguish of those who died alone needlessly, The despair of those who took their own lives, the confusion and in-fighting caused by the lies started at the top and amplified via senseless media hyped coverage. The denial of access to inexpensive effective early treatments. The prolongation of the pandemic. The rise of multiplicity of variants of Sars-CoV-2 virus all were known about or predicted early on, but were not permitted to be spoken of. The loss of jobs, of homes, of businesses of friends. The government collusion with social media moguls to crush independent thought and ideas were all unnecessary and never aimed at improving public health. What was done was about control. That is becoming more obvious by the day. This plea for Amnesty is a first glimpse of an admission of wrongdoing. But it is a thin and limited hangout.

What was done has been on a scale that is hard to fathom. An ordinary person can not begin to contemplate what depravity must reside within the minds of those who would perpetrate such crimes upon the entire world. It is too dark. Too Evil to even ponder. I know this by the reactions I get when I try to get good people to face the idea that this was something that was done to us and never for own good.

I echo the sentiment that the most important thing now is to carefully move forward in a way that ensures Nothing like this is ever done again. Never again. The rotten roots of power that corrupts must be pulled up. The branches must be cut back. Those responsible must atone and never be let near the levers of control again as long as they live. The wrongs we have suffered must not be forgotten. Forgiveness … it is hard to imagine when I remember mothers arrested in front of their small children because they took them to an outdoor park… when I revisit the times I had to keep family members out of the ED where their loved one really needed their presence and they needed to be able to be there for their mother or father or wife or son who was scared and suffering… when I think of Emmanual Macron saying we must make it difficult for the unvaccinated… when I think of Jacinda Ardern saying, “Yup. That is what it is.” When she was asked if her plan wasn’t to create a divided society where those who had complied and taken the shots would be the privileged class and those who had declined the experimental mRNA products would be second class citizens, recipients of institutionalized discrimination and targeted by government policies designed to make them suffer. Forgiving these people is a lot to ask. If they had consciences I would ask “Can they forgive themselves?”, but I think they must not be equipped with that human sense, the conscience. I hope I can access mine.